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A Simracer's Lament

Today, 02:16 PM

*Please, put this in background*

Hype! New sims comin' out!

Hype! Video looks great, no doubt!

Hype! But the physics will suck!


When I was younger, so much younger than today,

A new sim release had me hyped up in ever way.

But now these days are gone and I feel so skeptical,

Drive is s**t, they won't patch it, and mods are DLC!

Help me feel the hype, for I am jaded,

And my trusty wheel begs me for something greater,

Hype me until I am persuaded,

Can't you feel hype, oh Jeez!

And now sims have changed to simply just graphics,

My trust for devs seems to vanish with my laps!

But I play old sims that still make me feel a lion under the hood,

And it's sad, just so sad, it's all the best we have!

With all this tech we should have a great AI,

Varying weather and all sorts of surfaces to race by!

Great aeros and physics galore,

But broken software is all we have!

When I was younger, so much younger than today,

I never had to pay upfront to download extra content.

But now it's hard to even justify my buys,

They don't give a f**k, two hundred bucks

To race on fake ovals!

Hype me up again, for it I'll fall,

And I'll play the better sims to ease the sore,

Day one DLC, holy f**k nope!

Why'd you hype me for?

What for?

What for?

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Gpl Now Runs Fine Under Linux-Wine1.1.19 With Full Force Feedback!

Today, 04:41 PM

I was scrolling winehq.org for the latest Wine 1.9.19 release and found:

What's new in this release:
  • Initial version of a udev bus driver for HID.
  • Various improvements in joystick support.
So I took my old PC and installed Linux Mint 18 and then wine,

added jstest-gtk for the mappings of my G27.

I installed GPL from the CD with installer 1.07 and GEM2 package.

Success! Doing a lap in Monza gave me a big smile! this ffb is as smooth as in W7! :up:
I use ffb2 checked in GEM+ with 0-0-250 forces.

The only downside for me is that the new linux kernels are no longer AMD compatible...
Last year the kernels wich allowed to run proprietary AMD drivers fglrx worked perfect!

This time I had to use the build in drivers wich do not support OGL, but D3D7V2 works ok...

If You have an NVidia GPU you can use  their proprietary drivers and will get a perfect GPL on a free OS!

So I have to wait some time until AMD supports the actual kernel again :zzzzz:

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Show Your Interest In The Possibility Of New Historical Simulator!

21 Sep 2016

So with the news that RFactor 2 will be changing development hands / strategy, there was an interview at race department that was interesting.

In particular, it said:


RD: Ok that's good. So is anything already in development that we might see released in the near future?

TW: There are various things that we are waiting on data for and all of that stuff from ISI that we've just kind of moved over. I’m also close to signing a couple of full series, but we feel it’s also important to get rid of the sporadic single car licenses.

If you think about just the launch trailer that was based on the Grand Prix movie, I went to every single team from 1966 except from the Shannon team which didn't even start the British Grand Prix, I think their engine blew on the start line or something, I contacted every single one and really it was only Ferrari that were completely out of our range and probably still are, but all the others gave fairly reasonable prices and I managed to track everybody down.

It was kinda crazy and awesome, I got to speak and communicate with some of my heroes, and I'm really proud of the job I did tracking some of these things down but then the other content just never really happened. We licenced, and still have the licence, for the Eagle T1G and what I got from Mr. Gurney on that one was 1966, 67, 68 and 69. For 66 you had the Climax engine, for 67 you had the Weslake engine and then 68 69 you had little things that were different like little down planes on the front and things like that. That's still licenced and I still have the pictures that I took and the reference material and everything, but previously it just kept getting pushed back and that meant that why would I licence anything else and actually get a deal with anything else from 66 when we can't even build the Eagle car that we have? So that's been a big issue with content, and often what has limited us.

Single make series it obviously makes a lot more sense, but there is more of a focus now and Marcel seems kind of intent to not have single cars from series that have more than one car. We really need to flesh out some of the bones we have of some of these series types.

Now, I had already seen Tim talk about licencing other manufacturers cars for the 66 GP before, but I was unaware of the previous behind the scenes disinterest / resistance.
With a change of ownership and a slightly different ethos of development, it seems like they may now be more receptive in fleshing out the 60s GP cars and tracks into something that could become a worth successor to GPL.

All it would require is the rest of the grid's worth of cars (even if some are renamed representations) and a seasons worth of tracks. They already have Brabham BT-20 in the game for 1966 F1. It also includes Brabham and Hulme as licenced ai drivers.
In terms of other content there are fictional Matra and Tecno f1 / f2 / f3 cars for 68 and unspecified years - although i'm not sure how close these are to real models and what is just "inspired" (the models for ms5 and ms7 don't look similar at least). There are also some fictional Lola T70 variants on the GT side of things.

On the track side, they already have Spa, Monaco and Monza, all three i have been very impressed with the attention to detail and the accuracy.

Why am i posting this?
Well in order to encourage them to flesh out a season's worth of content with other cars / tracks, we need to show that there is a desire and interest in this kind of thing.
GPL is the only sim that there has been with a true focus on historical cars / tracks and attempt to simulate a full season / period in time. Not only is it about the base content but the atmosphere.

I know a lot of you have not even been interested in trying new sims such as RF2 for the very reasons that i've stated - there is no full season of content and so the atmosphere is lost. It feels like a toy box rather than something substantial and cohesive. The same can be said for all the new sims.

Well this is your opportunity to try and show there is interest for a new attempt at what you love.

I know that many people who play GPL or other historic sims (like P&G 3) do not read these forums anymore, so I would say if you have friends that race in GPL leagues or simply enjoy racing offline then share this information with them.

So if you want to show that you are interested then please make posts / topics at
or contact https://www.studio-397.com/

We need to show there is still a desire for this kind of thing.

Anyone with any ideas, please share them.

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Luminis Talks About Sim-Racing (And Gpl Too)

20 Sep 2016

Hi lads,

skip to 6:14 in the video :D nice to see they used "modded" GPL and not the stock version


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All The Latest Tech And Security News

22 Sep 2016

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
All the latest Tech and Security news,from the good people at 'PC Help Forum' Plus other interesting stuff.

Hope this helps and keeps everybody safe and up to date !

        TECH-    https://www.pchelpfo...s/tech-news.59/

SECURITY-    https://www.pchelpfo...curity-news.60/

MAIN SITE-    https://www.pchelpforum.net/

Thanks :hat-tip:   TP

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